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Department Head's Massage:


Govt. Edward College: The Department of Political Science


The department of Political Science is one of the Colossal Departments of Prestigious Pabna Govt. Edward College. BA Courses was introduced in 1940 Since then as a distinct  Department Political Science began to emerge.  

Honors and Masters Courses were introduced here in 1987 and 1985 respectively. under the affiliation of National University. Now 12 Teachers are Serving  in this   Department (among them Professor-1, Associate Professors-3, Assistant Professors-4, Lecturers-4)

 After over a hundred year journey in 1997 H.S.C Course was closed. In 2015, College Authority reinstated H.S.C Course with the growing  demand for higher secondary education due to dearth in quality educational institution and with fresh enthusiasm by the students and all walks of people of Pabna.


Around 2000 students are studying in honors and Masters courses. In H.S.C level a large number of students study Civics under this department. Honors and Masters result is highly satisfactory Last year 23 students got first class in MSS examination.


Political science department  provides many auxiliary political Courses relating to political science under national University syllabus. These are Approaches to the study of politics, Peace and conflict studies, Research Mythology and statistics, Environment and Development, Legislative Process in Bangladesh, Globalization, Regionalism and International Financial institution, Government in east Asia: (China, Japan and South Korea, Government and Politics and government in south Asia,  Introduction to Public policy etc.   


The Department of Political Science arranges presentation classes and study tour to promote student knowledge and skill.


Sometimes department organizes lecturer of famous learned person to the students political science Department offers students with seminar Books, Film show, study group performance. Department Cater wider facilities   like multimedia projector in the classes students also get ICT lab faculty. A good number students and post graduates are engaged in different government, semi government and non government organization after passing from this department.


Teachers and students of this department hold various  extracurricular activities like music, drama, recitation, debate seminar game and sport. As a result lechers-students relation is very healthy and congenial.


Our seminar library is enriched with sufficient Academics books Autobiographies magazines periodical and Valuable rare books.


Even in spite of its limited resources the department offers optimum service to the students. It keeps a watchful eye on completing the entire syllabus in due time. Toward this end, a well devised academic calendar and course plan are followed strictly. In  the students of HSC classes are given special care. For maximum attendance in the classes from HSC to Masters is given emphasized we all the while follow the directives of the college authority in this regard.


We conduct test exams, in course exams, term paper, tutorial exams in due time. Toward this end  students are prepared with special care by holding orientation classes.


In order to job opportunity for the students, we prepare them  for competing in BCS exam and NGO,S. Every year a good number of students get jobs in superior service and other higher posts.   


we are proud of this department. We are firmly committed to gear up the existing reputation in days to come to ensure good quality of e